LED lighting for low carbon green growth by using resource & energy efficiently and
reducing carbon emission at the same time is becoming very important foundation
for making our resource insufficient country to green society.


  • Acquired KS / Q-mark
  • High efficiency (over 90 lumen/W)
  • Long life (over 50,000hr)with patented constant current drive type.
  • Control peak power by auto dimming control technology with time schedule

Comparison of Energy Power Consumption

  • Save maintenance cost with long life
  • About 6 times cost saving compared to incandescent lamp
  • Max 66% energy cost saving
Types Energy Consumption Energy Consumption Lifetime
Incandescent lamp 7.0 9~12lm/W 6,000hr
Fluorescent lamp 1.4 50~56lm/W 10,000hr
LED 1.0 >90lm/W 50,000hr



Environmental Friendly/High Reliability Product

  • Not include harmful substance such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc
  • Reduction of fossil fuel leads to reduction of CO₂, sulfur dioxide & nitrogen dioxide generation.
  • No radiation of harmful wave such as UV & IR, etc.
Items Existing Lighting LED Saving Effect
Total Power (GWh) 2.6 0.6 2.0 75%
Consumption (GWh) 22,464 5,184 17,280 75%
CO₂ generation (Ton/Yr) 9.53M 2.93M 6.60M 75%

CO₂ generation (Ton/Yr)




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