i-SUN Inverter

Solar Cell Inverter

It is a power converter that supplies electric power to common grid and independent grid by converting DC electricity of solar
module to a stable AC.

  • I-SUN Inverter
  • E&H’s Micro-inverter is a new-concept distributed inverter system optimized with own patented technology, which can maximize energy output of PV
    generation facility.

Working Voltage Range 22Vdc ~ 56Vdc
Max. Power Point Tracking Range 22Vdc ~ 50Vdc
Max. Input Current 12Adc
Rated Capacity Single phase 300W
Rated Output Voltage 220Vac
Max. Output Current 1.4Aac
AC Voltage Range 200Vac ~ 242Vac
Operating Frequency 60Hz (System interconnected type)
Power Factor 0.95 <
AC Output Current THD 5% >
Max. Efficiency 93.9%
Euro Efficiency 92.22%
Protected Structure IP65
Ambient Temp. -10℃ ~ 65℃
Preserving Temp. -25℃ ~ 65℃
Cooling Type Natural Cooling


Inverter Circuit Diagram

Patented Technology & Certificate

  • Korea Energy Agency Certificate

    [2014. 03. 20]

  • High frequency resonant type
    power converter using high frequency phase shift type pulse width modulation

    [2011. 07. 26]

  • Building integrated type PV system equipped with micro inverter

    [2011. 09. 01]

  • AC type solar cell module improving output performance of PV generation system

    [2011. 10. 07]

Product Differentiation

Technology Innovation
  • Directly producing AC 220V power from individual module.
  • Possible to monitor by individual modules
  • Immediate notice can be delivered to user (manager) once individual module gets damage.
  • Possible to conduct quality verification through datafication of
    generated electric power of individual module.
  • Applying multi-channel monitoring H/W & S/W technology that
    enables to analyze by module units.
  • It enables to use the most of electricity produced by individual
    module for the generation by tracking max. power point.
  • Easy installation on individual module
    → Total installation cost of PV generation system can be reduced.
  • Monitoring of individual module
    → Having individual defective module blocking effect/ improving the
        quality of system.
  • DC/AC converting high-frequency resonant type power converter
    using PMW → Miniaturization, high efficiency
  • Improve efficiency in comparison with existing power system
    → Improve generating system efficiency more than 15%.
  • It can be used regardless of indoor or outdoor.
  • Power system can be built based on smart grid.

Product Characteristics

  • Can be installed by even a layman / Generation just starts with plug-in
    Just add panels if capacity expansion is needed as
    each panel operate independently.
    It can be installed at confined parking lot, pergola,
    Existing array should be in one direction but micro-
    inverter can be installed in any direction & location owing to independent operation of individual
  • Generation can be operated by just loading micro-inverter on the facilities such as park streetlight, bus
    stop, etc.
    No high DC voltage & arc.
    2.5 times longer guarantee period compared to
    general inverter.
    It can be connected to intelligent power network,
    logistics & internet.
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