Independent Type

Independent type PV system can be used in the region where it can’t be connected to the national grid.

Function of Independent Type PV System Components

It consists of solar panels changing solar energy to electric energy, storage battery storing the energy to use power at night or in adverse weather, charging regulator to protect the storage battery, and inverter that converts the generated DC to AC.
  • 1. Solar Panel(solar module) :

    It is essential for PV generation system.
    It plays a role of converting sunlight to electric energy to save
    in storage battery or directly drive the load.
  • 2. Solar Controller :

    It controls charge & discharge of battery and protects from over-
    charge & over-discharge to maintain stable performance of the
  • 3. Battery Group

    It mainly adopts lead storage battery or lithium ion storage
    battery as an electric energy charging part and discharges
    electricity to the load.
  • 4. Inverter :

    This part is used to convert DC to AC for AC load.
    It inverts AC110V/220V/230V to DC12V/24V /48V.

Configuration of Independent Type Solar Cell Array
(low voltage type)

- System supplying mainly low voltage DC load (In case of
  battery bank voltage DC 12V, 24V, 48V, etc)
- Cellular phone repeater, LED streetlight, street safety lamp, small
  motor pump (small fountain), night illuminating signboard,
  landscape lighting.

Major places installed

- Manned/unmanned lighthouse, relay station, streetlight
- Place where it can’t be connected to the commercial system or any
  other special application.

Hybrid Type

Hybrid system supplies

Hybrid system supplies electricity to storage battery, load or commercial systems in combination with the other energy source
generation system (such as wind power generation, cogeneration, diesel generation, etc.) to PV generation system. It can be applied
to both interconnected type and independent type systems depending on the system configuration and load type.

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