What is ESCO? (ESCO : Energy Service COmpany)

What is ESCO Investment Biz ?

  When energy user would like to replace or supplement existing deteriorated or operated in low efficiency facility with high efficiency facility
   to save energy but couldn’t proceed due to technical or financial burdens, ESCO supply investment cost to construct energy saving facility
   (in case of user financing performance guarantee contract, energy user financing), execute business, guarantee energy saving effect &
   allocate saving quantity(saving cost), energy user repay investment fund with later generated saving cost, energy user can replace with
   energy saving facility without technical or financial burdens.


E&H’s Role

We replace the customer’s existing lighting system with high-efficiency LED lights
or provide design, installation, services for overall processes such as field investigation,
business proposal, energy saving design, installation, trial running, maintenance and
follow-up management, etc. to improve energy efficiency through installation of PV plant.

Main Business field of E&H Co., Ltd.

Advantages of Facility Investment with E&H

    • Best energy saving consulting, definite energy cost saving by installation
    • Settle financial, technical risk bearing following ESCO investment
    • Offer systematic, professional service for installed facility.
    • Performed 2005 ~ 2016 KEMCO PV system business


Summary of Facility Investment Biz & Expenditure Saving Effect

  • • Government guarantee promotional biz for replacing energy facility without separate investment cost by user.
  • • Investment cost will be repaid for a given period with saved energy cost.
  • • The balance amount deducted monthly repaying amount from saved amount is profit for user will reduce common area charges (electrical bills).
  • • User will own invested facility after finishing repay.
  • • Labor cost & lighting fixture replacing cost will be reduced as ESCO company will manage installed facility.


Biz Proceeding Procedure


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