Perfect construction based on accumulated experience & knowhow and supply high quality system.

Biz Promotion Plan with E&H

  • ① EPC (design, material procurement, construction, supervision)
      • Design
        - Design the structure fit to each district using solar irradiance calculation program (PVsyst.)
        - With structure analysis, when structure in design stage is actually manufactured, verify whether
          it is safe in the most adverse condition of applying designed external force.
      • Material procurement
        - Supply high quality materials through systematic system.
      • Construction
        - E&H furnishes structural capacity with high durability adopting hot dip galvanizing process &
          high modern technology based on more than 40 years accumulated knowhow.
      • Construction Supervision
        - We are implementing through QC, process control & safety control, maintenance task and
          maximize customer satisfaction with perfect construction supervision.
  • ② Local licensee : Public & electric works, etc

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