Wireless network control system with which real time field supervision /Action ahead of obstacle & quick handling/Minimize management cost is possible remotely at Central Control Center via equipment monitoring & control.

4 core Technology Prossession


Conceptual Diagram of Wireless Communication System

We are a radio communication SI company developing field application & operating using various wireless communication equipment & solution using short distance low power wireless data communication (RF, ZigBee, Wifi, etc), USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network) based on developing experience & accumulated technology on unlicensed band of wireless communication, currently proceeding business to apply on various filed such as location based (RTLS-fixed /mobile)application, telemetry, home networking, factory automation, etc.


Using Band & Characteristics

400 MHz
900 MHz
2.4 GHz
424 MHz, 433 MHz Band
862 MHz~950 MHz Band
2.4 GHz ISM Band
10mW~3W(with Power Amplifier)
Transmission speed
2.4Kbps ~ 500Kbps
Communication distance
400m ~ 1.2Km
400m ~ 30Km
10m ~ 100m
Application field
Streetlight & security light control system, remote meter reading, AMR, building automation, wireless data transmission, collection system, etc Streetlight & security light control system, remote meter reading, AMR, building automation, wireless data transmission, collection system, etc Short distance low power radio communication field, sensor networks, wireless security, wireless tag, wireless control system, home automation, etc


Need for wireless System


Characteristics & Advantages of Wireless System

Wireless network United visualization of resource
  • - Topology visualization of wireless network
  • - Visualize current situation of obstacle & performance
Various kinds of wireless network resource control
  • - Wide use wireless network control system support both standalone configuration type & wireless controller type.
  • - Support various vendor’s wireless network equipment/li>
Configuration specified for wireless environment & obstacle control
  • - Furnish auto detect & control function for AP connected to wireless controller
  • - AP access terminal user & access info control via wireless authentication server linkage
  • - Detailed cause analysis function for terminal access error event
  • - Control event per class based on threshold for wireless performance
Wireless network data statistical analysis function
  • - Controller/AP, etc equipment capacity collection, check & make a statistics
  • - Wireless capacity index (Number of access terminal /frequency interference/ wireless signal intensity) collection & statistics analysis
  • - Uplink traffic, number of access terminal per SSID/Band of AP collection & statistics analysis
  • - Check access statistics & history per user
Event transmission function
  • - Furnish graded transmission function according to event class & importance of equipment & user
Operator convenience
  • - Furnish conversion capacity from control screen to configurable screen with one click
  • - Furnish built-in Korean alphabet UI
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